Chamber ensemble Le Pli in Bolivien

Photo by Arthut Häberli

This year I’m going back and I’m bringing my colleagues of the Septett Le Pli with me.

The Chamber Ensemble Le Pli ( is a new project I’m working on. Melinda Stocker and I had the idea since very long to do our own chamber Ensemble. This year we went for it and we are bringing it to Bolivia. From the beginning it was clear for us that we would love to play Ravels “Introduction et Allegro”. We contacted the harpist Vera Schnider to collaborate with us. Together we have managed to gather a very professional group. We sound good, we enjoy rehearsing together and there is a very positive energy among us. Concerts are coming soon.

The program is called “Introduction, meditation et danse”. This is a combination of the names of three of the main pieces we are playing: The piece of Ravel I already mentioned, “Drei kleine Meditationen” of Klaus Huber and “Danse sacreé et danse profane” of Debussy.

Our project in Bolivia takes places the second half of July and it is not just about going around the country, play and leave. We have contacted music schools of the places we are visiting and we will do there chamber music workshops and play concerts. In Cochabamba we will stay longer as we will participate in the Festival Vivace, where we take part of the festival’s orchestra. The Festival Vivace is a benefic event to help a social canteen, a care center for children with down syndrome and the oncology hospital.

We have found out that, resource-wise, doing our Concert Program is not easy in Bolivia. There are very few harps in the country. We found harps in San Ignacio de Moxos and in La Paz. However, Cochabamba is harp-less. For the moment.

Together with The Festival Vivace we are also raising money to buy and bring a harp to Cochabamba. We are doing then two fundraising concerts in Zurich. The harp, after our visit, will remain there and is going to be used by students of local music schools and orchestras.

Concert dates

Switzerland (CH)

11.00 – Zürich – Villa R. Irniger
19.30 – Zürich – Toni Areal; Kammermusiksaal 1
17:00 – Arni – Kapellenkonzert Arni

Bolivia (BO)

Lunes 22.Jul.19  S. Ignancio Moxos
19:00 – Auditorio Escuela de Música

Jueves 25.Jul.19 – Cochabamba
15:00 – Instituto Laredo
20:00 – Magnificat, Festival Vivace 
Viernes 26.Jul.19
11:00 –  Auditorio TDE
20:00 – Magnificat, Festival Vivace

Lunes 29.Jul.19 – La Paz
19:30 – Hall Conservatorio Pl. de Música
Martes 30.Jul.19 – La Paz
19:30 – Hall Conservatorio Pl. de Música

Illustration by Cathy Guibarra

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