The Flutist

The Flutist

Photo by Mirjam Wirz

The Flutist is an individual project that consists in walks through the city (normally in Zurich) with one or two persons, walking and playing music. The flutist guides the activities giving different tasks or telling different stories. The other person can use the flutist as a living “ipod” and can tell him when to play, but the flutist decides where to walk.

It’s a project that looks for the direct contact, the immediate feedback and the easy going conversation between the musician and the small audience. It has been done 7 times, many times with artists and others with friend or people who heard about it and asked for a walk.

The idea was born as looking for ways to interact with people and find out how they hear and how they perceive music, to get inspired for his Masters project.

The idea of the musician as an object works in very interesting and different manners with every person.

The person who does the walk has normally also the task to document the event. That’s why there is photo, there is video and sometimes there is just audio.

Here the text and video about the first walk

Here the text and video about the fifth walk.

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