The first walk with The Flutist

Ivan Denes und Karoline Larsen

 Around Zürich, a little tale

Karoline Larsen, Ivan Denes and Alfred Vorster in: Following the Flutist


After Karoline, Ivan and Alfred met at the Gessneralle 8, Ivan started to read something

Good Morning Miss Karoline Larsen.

Thank you and congratulations for the acquisition of our product Ivan the Flutist.


1. Ivan the Flutist is a bio-articulated-musical artefact made especially for you to use during your stay in Zürich and sponsored by ReART:theURBAN […] This first day, for you to learn how it works, you will have the whole afternoon The Flutist at your side and, as special offer, a Photographing and Recording Composer.

The Flutist is multi-functional. It can replace your iPod, it can act, it can improvise music, it can be your Escort Service, your coin-operated boy, your city-guide, your solution against rats, etc.

The ideal of the fabricants is that The Flutist will be used as an object to integrate in different works of art. The product Ivan the Flutist, in particular, seems like a person accompanying you around Zurich, but it’s a precisely designed object to install for a day in you installation “Strings”. To accomplish this, Ivan the Flutist has been trained to play music all afternoon long, play in public space, interact with the people involved at the work of art, improvise long melodies and turn into different characters.

Now you will be guided to a place. Enjoy the walk, follow the Flutist and he will give you more instructions and informations later.

2. Problems with the product: Ivan The Flutist can get lost in Zurich, can get tired of playing every 15 minutes, sometimes interacts badly with the public or people involved, he is not a good actor and is really probable that all the melodies he improvises are alike, because he’s not always full of fantasy.

3. There are some instances by which The Flutist can’t play in public space: rain, fire, under 5°C, in the middle of cars and in the middle every kind of natural disaster or holocaust.

 (Ivan took her to places he finds beautiful. “I think that house is perfect”, he said)

Afterwards they found a park which none of them had seen before

 4. Remember that you can tell it any time to start to play.

(Finally the flutist could do his job)

Ivan and Alfred thought that Karoline was a wonderful person to walk with, she was full of energy and curiousity. She loved the walk and the company as well. 

After a while Ivan said they were close to the Secret Place. At the door Karoline and Alfred guessed what it was and got excited to enter. But first The Flutist read.

5. The form to install it in your work is free for you to decide. You can hang it, tie it, hide it, flip it, etc. Now you have 30 minutes time to find things you will use for this task. During this time it will be around playing.

(The lady in the entrance told them “Be careful, down there the people are really complicated”)
The moment in the Brocki-Land was amazing. It was a spiral full with second hand stuff, magical, full-of-history stuff. The whole environment in the Brocki-Land got modified by the music. There was an intense energy between the performance of Karoline, Ivan and Alfred and the people walking around. They were taking part in the performance.

(The flutist became a King, a Magician and finally a Plant)

They bought some stuff to use in Strings and went out.

All three of them had really fun, a beautiful day and they went back to the Gessneralle.

(That’s a lie! In between they went to eat burgers and potatoes for the lunch. Fast food after seeing a Wonderland?)

6. We wish you a pleasant day and hope to serve you again soon.


Guest:Karoline Larsen Text: Ivan Denes Documentation: Alfred Vorster reART:theURBAN „City link“

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